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Covers developments in engineering materials selection, processing, fabrication, testing/characterization, materials engineering trends, and emerging technologies, industrial and consumer applications, as well as business and management trends

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HIGHLIGHTS...Indian Visiting Lecturers EMERGING PROFESSIONALS MS&T 2012 Symposium for Emerging Professionals: Early Strategies for Career Development Mark A. Tschopp Mississippi State University W here do you want to go with your career? For more established engi- neers, the answer may come easily, having had the time to give some thought to this question over a number of years. However, for early career professionals, the answer to this question may not always seem so obvious. If you are attending the MS&T'12 Conference & Exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pa. (October 7-11, 2012), you have the opportu- nity to hear from materials professionals who have taken many different career paths and who will share the narrative of their career so that early career professionals can make informed decisions about their own career paths. The ASM Emerging Professionals Committee is excited to announce the 5th An- nual Symposium Perspectives for Emerging Materials Pro- fessionals: Early Strategies for Career Development. The symposium is specifically designed for the emerging profes- sionals community and is part of Tuesday's day-long program- ming for the early career professional. This year's program includes invited presentations from an outstanding group of speakers, ranging from those al- Dr. Indranil Lahiri Research Assistant Professor University of North Texas, Denton Dr. Indranil Lahiri received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Florida Interna- tional University, Miami, in the fall 2011 and continued as post-doctoral researcher in the same de- partment until summer 2012. He recently joined University of North Texas, Denton, as a research assistant professor. Previously he worked as scientist for an R&D institute in Hy- derabad, India, for more than seven years. His education in- ready well-established in their field to those in the early stages of their careers. The topics include: seasoned career perspectives and advice from government labs, academia, and industry; entrepreneurship, small business, licensure, and intellectual property; international experiences; and emerging careers and professional development in the new economy. Moreover, we are proud to announce that there will be two keynote speakers who will impart their wisdom for emerging professionals at this symposium: Dr. Ian M. Robertson, FASM, NSF DMR director and ASM Presi- dent-Elect, Dr. Gernant E. Maurer, FASM. On behalf of the Emerging Professionals Programming Subcommittee, we would like to personally extend an invita- tion to attend this symposium. This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to interact with both emerged and emerging professionals alike. We hope to see you there! If you have any questions or would like to participate in future Emerging Professional symposia, feel free to contact the symposium organizers: Mark A. Tschopp, Mississippi State University,; Greg Ober- son, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, greg.oberson@; Umesh Patil, Caterpillar Inc., patil_umesh_s@cat. com; Olly Rowan, Caterpillar Inc.,; and Chirag Shah, Exova, ASM's 2012 International Student Paper Contest Winner cludes a masters degree from IIT Kanpur, India (2000) and bachelors degree from Bengal Engineering College, India (1998), both in materials engineering. Dr. Lahiri will be recognized at the Leadership Luncheon on Monday, October 8 in Pittsburgh, Pa. at MS&T'12 for his paper entitled Interface control: A modified rooting tech- nique for enhancing field emission from multiwall car- bon nanotube based bulk emitters. Indranil is an active member and leader of the Material Advantage chapter at Florida International University. He served as secretary (2008-09) and chair (2009-10). He also served as Student Board Member during 2010-11. ASM Indian Institute of Metals Announce Recipients of 2012 Visiting Lecturers The cooperative Visiting Lecturer program of ASM International and the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) is pleased to announce the four distinguished individ- uals named to participate in the 2012 Visiting Lecturer program: Dr. Hua-Tay Lin, Research Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Dr. Shaoming Dong, Director, Shanghai Institute of Ce- ramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China; Prof. Shalini Prasad, Associate Professor, Uni- versity of Texas, Richardson; and Prof. Kumar Sridharan, Distinguished Research Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison. The award carries with it an $800 honorarium to be used 56 ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES • SEPTEMBER 2012 Lin Dong Prasad Sridharan for travel expenses within India during the lecturer's visit and a certificate of recognition to be presented at the ASM Lead- ership Awards Luncheon scheduled for October 8 in Pitts- burgh, Pa., during MS&T'12. ASMnews

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