Advanced Materials & Processes

FEB 2015

Covers developments in engineering materials selection, processing, fabrication, testing/characterization, materials engineering trends, and emerging technologies, industrial and consumer applications, as well as business and management trends

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H I G H L I G H T S MEMBERSHIP DRIVE A D V A N C E D M A T E R I A L S & P R O C E S S E S | F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 5 ASM NEWS 5 9 FROM THE FOUNDATION Materials Education Foundation Seeks Your Wisdom & Advice David B. Spencer Chairman of the Board, wTe Corp. A s we begin the new year, your ASM Materials Education Foundation is working hard on your behalf "to excite young people in materials, sci- ence, and engineering careers." Under Dr. Steve Copley's distinguished leadership, our Board of Trustees developed a strategic plan for 2013-2017 and the Foundation has been working hard to execute this plan and meet all of its goals. Copley set forth our Foundation achievements in a previous column (AM&P, April 2014). While congratulations are in order for the accomplishments achieved to date, the Foundation now finds itself facing the need to develop a new strategic plan—one year earlier than anticipated. We would like your help in providing critical feedback. Are we doing the right things and are we doing them correctly? What new ideas could be implemented? What should we consider that would be helpful to your pro- fession, company, and the Society? We would like to hear your views regarding whether our existing programs could be improved. Do we seek to give more scholarships of the same size or fewer scholarships of larger size? Should our scholarship program be based on academic excellence, financial need, or a combina- tion? Would our student camp program (which targets high school students) be better off focused at an earlier stage in the education pipeline, say at the junior high or elementary school level? Should our programs be expanded or should some be reduced or even eliminated? Do we focus on train- ing community college students for advanced manufactur- ing jobs? How can we leverage our programs and enhance communications through better use of the Internet? These are the questions we are asking within the Materials Education Foundation. Surely we will continue to advance the programs of the past, but changes in emphasis and con- sideration of new directions will need to be evaluated as we embark on a new strategic planning process. Please provide your feedback and share your wisdom. Send comments to You Cannot Out-Give ASM Frederick Schmidt, PE, FASM, aka Mur Doc President, Alpha Sigma Mu T oday we are highly focused on materials and energy for the future of our Society. As I reflect on my personal ASM journey, it all started when I was a co-op commuter student at Drexel University, then an Institute of Tech- nology in Philadelphia. Much has changed, but some things are remarkably the same. George Dieter, Head of Metallurgy, personally greet- ed us during orientation to challenge us and provide a few pointers. After welcoming everyone to Drexel, circa 1963, he said to join the student ASM chapter on campus, get totally involved, and read Metal Progress cover to cover every month even though we would not understand much at this point. I did, and after 40+ years I must say it was the best advice. I still read AM&P cover to cover. After college, my assignments with DuPont, Rem- ington Arms, and now Engineering Systems Inc. have required numerous and diverse database sources. ASM International's extensive resources, coupled with my ever expanding network from local chapters and committee projects, have enabled the solution of mission-impossible engineering challenges. Peer review and critical analysis is a must in our complex, get-it-right-the-first-time work environments. I have learned that you simply cannot out-give ASM! Allan Ray Putnam, past managing director, liked to say that ASM means, "Always Serve Members." His message was to ASM staff and volunteers alike. I got totally involved and continue to leverage the size and scope of my professional family through ASM. The bottom line is that when you invest in your profes- sional network, the synergy is profitable to everyone. Embrace "The Power of One" and remember there is strength in numbers and diversity of experience. It takes a team to solve problems and implement eco- nomic solutions. "Just ask" others to join so we can build the team! For information on upcoming ASM courses, contact Liz Halderman, ASM Lifelong Learning Representative at POWER OF ONE | MEMBERSHIP DRIVE

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