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NOV-DEC 2013

Covers developments in engineering materials selection, processing, fabrication, testing/characterization, materials engineering trends, and emerging technologies, industrial and consumer applications, as well as business and management trends

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HTPRO NEW PRODUCT PREVIEW ASM Handbook, Volume 4A, Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes to Publish in November 2013 PREPUBLICATION PRICE: $249, MEMBER $189 PREPUBLICATION PRICE GOOD THROUGH NOVEMBER 30, 2013 20 Coverage on heat treating in the ASM Handbook series is being expanded into several volumes, and ASM Handbook, Volume 4A, Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes is the first of multiple volumes on heat treating. Volume 4A introduces the basics of steel heat treating and provides in-depth coverage of the many steel heat treating processes. Coverage includes: • Physical metallurgy of steel heat treatment • Fundamentals of steel hardness and hardenability • Practical aspects of hardenability as a key criterion in the selection of steel • Hardenability calculations and the use of hardenability data • Fundamentals and practical aspects of steel quenching • Expanded coverage on quenching processes • Updates and expansion on annealing, tempering, austempering and martempering • New articles on cleaning, subcritical annealing, austenitizing, and quench partitioning of steel heat treatment • Significant expansion on the fundamental and applied aspects of surface hardening by applied energy, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, and diffusion coatings The new ASM Handbook Volume 4A provides an excellent foundation on the modern methods of steel heat treating for new and experienced practitioners. Fundamental topics are described for purposes of elementary introduction, while articles on advanced topics provide scientific foundations. Editors and authors have also added charts, examples, and practical reference data for application purposes. The volume will contain an estimated 970 pages (with index) with 50 articles. See the sample first pages of the article "Boriding (Boronizing) of Metals" by Craig Zimmerman, Bluewater Thermal Solutions. To find out more about purchasing Handbook Volume 4A, contact the ASM Member Service Center for details: memberservicecenter@, or 440/338-5151, ext. 0. 56 ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2013

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