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NOV-DEC 2013

Covers developments in engineering materials selection, processing, fabrication, testing/characterization, materials engineering trends, and emerging technologies, industrial and consumer applications, as well as business and management trends

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HTPRO 2 T Working Together to Maintain a Vibrant HTS he importance of the ASM Heat Treating Society has never been greater as the heat treating industry moves forward in the 21st century. The health of the Society depends on strengthening areas including education, volunteerism, and membership. We must bring more young people and new ideas into the heat treating industry and keep members at the cutting edge of technology, products, and processes. Education is the key. We must also engage and capitalize on volunteers. If we focus on these two priorities, the third priority—growing membership— will take care of itself. We need to work together to make HTS more appealing and valuable. Ferrous and nonferrous heat treating is alive and well. Even though it's a mature technology, there are continual breakthroughs in the field. Therefore, the need for continuing education remains. HTS is an important educator, focusing on midcareer development and preparing the next generation of heat treatment experts. Many companies need more qualified workers and can't find them. The HTS Education Committee is focusing on updating HTS core content and curriculum guidelines to help two- and four-year colleges supply a workforce of trained, knowledgeable technicians. This content will be the basis for training in the classroom and online. For mid-career education, HTS offers the best technical information, both online and in print. We're offering webinars and evaluating other multimedia eduNew Heat Treating App Released by cation tools. For example, HTS launched its first mobile device app that ASM Heat Treating Society serves as a quick reference companion, providing easy access to the Available for iPhone, iPad and Android content of the Heat Treater's Guide. ASM International and the ASM Heat Treating Society If content is the lifeblood of an organization like HTS, then volunteers are released the Heat Treater's Guide Companion, now its heart, pumping in new content to sustain the organization. From Maavailable in the Apple and terials Camps to technical meetings, from awards programs to memberGoogle App Stores. The free ship outreach, everything our organization accomplishes is a result of app provides ready reference passionate, committed volunteers. data on nearly 170 carbon and alloy steels including informaCreating and maintaining a strong volunteer base involves three phases: tion on chemical composition, Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition. New volunteers are best acsimilar steels, characteristics, quired through personal contact. Retaining them requires care and nurforging instructions, and recturing. Gradually increasing participation helps them develop their skills ommended heat treating and keeps them engaged for the long run. Finally, the best thing you can practices and processing sedo for volunteers is recognize, thank, and appreciate them. They don't get quences. The app is geared paid in dollars, but instead with a sense of accomplishment, and that can't towards managers, metallurhappen without recognition. gists, engineers, technicians, and sales engineers so they can quickly and conveniently access the data. Together we can continue to build a strong Society with a high value The app can be used by itself or as a companion to the proposition for decades to come. Heat Treater's Guide print and online database products, which provide additional heat treating information such as representative micrographs, isothermal transformation diagrams, cooling transformation diagrams, temRoger A. Jones pering curves, and data on dimensional change. President, Heat Treating Society "Heat Treating Society members and other industry professionals are requesting mobile access to data and information needed to accomplish work-related tasks. The Heat Treater's Guide Companion is a first step in responding to that need, providing users with a fast, easy way to look up steel heat treating recipes," explains Roger Jones, HTS President and Corporate President of Solar Atmospheres Inc. Download the app today! For quick links to the Apple and Google App Store listings, go to For more information, contact linda.vermillion@asminternational. org, or 440/338-5151, ext. 5561. 38 Heat Treating Society Seeks Board Nominations The ASM HTS Awards and Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for three Directors and a Young Professional Board Member. Candidates must be an HTS member in good standing. Nominations should be made on the formal nomination form and can be submitted by a chapter, council, committee, HTS member, or an affiliate society. The HTS Nominating Committee may consider any HTS member, even those who have served on the HTS Board previously. Nominations for Board Members are due March 1, 2014. For more information and the nomination form, visit the HTS website at and click on Membership and Networking and then Board Nominations; or contact Sarina Pastoric at 440/338-5151 ext. 5513, or email ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2013

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