Advanced Materials & Processes

NOV-DEC 2013

Covers developments in engineering materials selection, processing, fabrication, testing/characterization, materials engineering trends, and emerging technologies, industrial and consumer applications, as well as business and management trends

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Fig. 4 – Aerial view of a Zwick roboTest R automated testing system with 6-axis industrial robot and cross-section measurement device. The robot is preparing to place a test specimen in grips. A laser extensometry device is pictured to the left of the test machine frame. KUKA robots are used for specimen handling, with their main task involving loading and positioning of the material to be tested. Fig. 5 – A 100 kN materials test machine operating in concert with an industrial robot in Zwick's roboTest R automated testing system. The robot is loading a metal test specimen for a tensile test, during which a laser extensometer will measure elongation for complex strain analysis. 5). Special disposal grippers automatically remove the specimen and dispose of it. Within the Zwick system, AutoEdition 2 software acts as the center point of the automated testing system. This specialized software governs central specimen distribution, which entails tasking the various stations in the overall setup. "The software is programmed to optimize control of the industrial robot so tasks are completed with the highest levels of efficiency," explains Kaifler. "For example, a typical automated testing setup involves four specimens running in parallel. AutoEdition 2 knows where ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2013 23

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